How to grind flax seed

How to grind flax seed

How to grind flax seed using a blender

Grinding flax seed using an ordinary blender is not very difficult. Simply put a few tablespoons of flax seed in your blender and choose “grind speed”. Using a small blender is normally a bit easier than using a large blender, but both types works fine for grinding flax seeds.

How to grind flax seed using a blender and water

flax seeds benefitsYou do not have to use any water to grind flax seed in a blender, but some people prefer this type of grinding to dry grinding. A good rule of thumb is to add one cup of water for each 3-4 tablespoons of whole flax seeds. Set the blender on high and wait for the mix to thicken up. Since flax seed contains over 10% mucilage, the result will be a very thick and jelly-like substance. You can of course eat it directly as a very moist porridge, but most people find the flavor to strong on its own. The common way of ingesting this type of grind flax seed is instead to mix it into shakes. You can actually skip the water and use milk or yoghurt as liquid when grinding.

How to grind flax seed using a grain grinder

There are many different types of grain grinding, so it is always a good idea to ask the manufacturer or seller how to grind flax seed using their product. Generally speaking, there are three major types of grinders to be found: impact grinders, burr grinders and stone grinders. The impact grinders are always electric and use several rows of blades. They are normally fast and efficient, but make sure that you get one recommended for all sorts of grains and beans because some variants will break if you try to grind flax seeds in them. Others will only work properly if you add plenty of dry grains. Burr grinders can be either electric or manual and all of them use metal wheels equipped with protruding burrs. Electric burr grinders are faster, but manual labour can have its charm. Stone grinders are not really suitable, because flax seed oil will make it too gummy. So, how to grind flax seed if all you have is a stone grinder? The solution is simple – mix your flax seeds with wheat or any other type of dry grain that will absorb the oil.

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